A NEW FACE ON: “The Great Commision”

FADE TO BLACK: In Mt.28:19-20 we have what has come to be known as “The Great Commission,” in Jesus parting words and the commandment given unto the disciples. The “Go Ye” is very clear to all nations, teaching them, to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. Our Lord even pass on His power of attorney, in saying all power is given unto Him in heaven and in earth, now given unto us in His name (Lk.10:19). This commandment is very clear and all Christians understand it and are to observe it. In many different ways the Christian church has done just that and to their credit, praise God, great things have been done the world over. But like no other race and community of people, black people have some staggering statistics to contend with and could argue that same impact has not afford them the results taking place everywhere else. This has been the discussion on almost every forum black or white, some to say or prove the black community is incorrigible.

The sophistry and specious motives demand some extreme measures be taken. In some circles, it has been discussed, even a black president hasn’t affected the downward spiraling of the black community, yet, it has been used by soft and hardliners to suggest a “post-racial America.” Black America is plummeting and have already lost the status as America’s largest minority, falling just behind Hispanic’s increasing growth and gov’t assistance. In spite of the fact that we are experiencing for the first time Black Mega Church growth, the statistics on the negative impact in America hasn’t change, except to get worst. The undisputed solution to all our problems are in the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ, but that is the message we have been preaching and teaching all nations, all along while ours is still dying. Something is wrong with the message or the delivery, in any case something must drastically and radically change.

THE GREAT SUGGESTION: Daring to put a black face on “The Great Commission” for the black community is not sacrilegious, it is fine tuning a targeted population that is on the death watch. Which clearly if something isn’t done quickly and in a concentrated manner, suggest some ominous outcomes. For one thing it points toward what the statistic have been presupposing for quite some time. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out something extreme must be done. In conjunction with what is biblically right and God’s guidelines for recovery, it is time to “Go Ye,” after my brother. Church as we know it must experience a revolution, especially if the world is moving towards eliminating the efficaciousness of Christ and what authenticates His work on the cross. It is within that provision (in Christ) the whole deliverance and manumission of black people rest. Then it would be in divine order to arrange The Great Commission within the frame work of the restoration of His truth, purpose and covenant. The church is in a dormant mode and lack specificity to make a difference in significant numbers where black men are concerned. It is not a meeting that is necessary to make a difference…. it is a movement!



(1) The target has to become black men, without apology, without exception, therefore every effort must have this proclamation as its search engine. No generalization should be made, every event, meeting, electronic endeavor or means of communication with this intent should be specifically black. This call is for those who feel as Christians it is your duty to win and keep your brother.

(2) Spiritual Warfare in biblical terms was in reference to doing a task God had assigned, that was in line with His prophesied intent. The difficulties that develop in route to that purpose was considered spiritual warfare, it was here where God intervene with divine interposition or miracles. Every personal quest was not an assignment by God or indication He was involved. The restoration of the Hamitic whose assignment was the prophetic was essential to particular purpose. The restoration of the black man (Hamitic) is necessary to address this falling away and contamination of Christianity. He will bring a refreshing, strength to the church and repair to black homes.

(3) Organize a collective group who are willing, unashamed and unafraid to recruit other black men to simply listen and examine a plan to turn our communities around. To hear and understand what were the original mandates from God concerning Hamitic and was that ever done. To what degree that has played a role in our demise and if corrected, would the favor of God change our destiny.

(4) To fix our recovery around assuming our inheritance and that within the scope of what God’s original intent was. To get a revelation of what that intent would look like today and how it would affix itself to what the desire of God would be given this world/church climate. Is this for all of us (black people), did leaving our brother behind violate covenant in heritance.

(5) Understanding the Hamitic covenant and calling upon all the gifting God has made available under that agreement to assist Him and His purpose. Why was that covenant made and reached with black people. What is its unique value and operation, how does its spiritual functionality change the world. Why is it essential to start with our family first and why it must be black people that administer the recovery and repair. This is also a return to the respect and reverence for the African Council of Elders/Christian biblical principles, which should return blacks to the custom and culture to which they are amenable and more apt to adhere.



(1) Have you ever wondered why doesn’t someone do something about the plight of the black man?

(2) Why hasn’t God moved for the black man and what would that look like?

(3) Why are black men missing from the church and the family?

(4) Can the black church change the moral climate of the black community?

(5) Can God raise a dead man, a man the world holds no hope for, but would never say it?

(6) Are there husbands for the single black woman and fathers for black children?

(7) What can one person do about the unfortunate, difficult and precarious predicament of black men and what price are we willing to pay?

(8) Whose responsibility is it anyway?

(9) Is it possible for black people to work together, defying popular opinion?

(10)How do we secure the help of God and is there a plan?



(1) Why is it taboo to even mention “black.”

(2) To what degree are black people responsible for the mind-set they have developed about themselves and what is its origin?

(3) Is the white church knowingly or unknowingly assisting the demise of black people?

(4) Is the demise of black people part of a conspiracy to undermine the constitutionality of America?

(5) Is therefore black people the secret weapon to save the United States of America?

(6) Are black people afraid to openly defend and advocate the cause of the black family?

(7) Does the benefits of God’s righteousness and divine interposition include black people?



(1) What is the connection between the desupernaturalization of God and depersonalization of the Negro.

(2) Black people…. the conscience of America.

(3) The purging of Christianity

(4) If that mockingbird don’t sing

(5) Covenant Inheritance of Hamitic people.




Spiritual power and authority is the subject of much preaching and teaching today, which is normally built on a foundation of faith understanding. Then what is normally heard is the many different ways to spin “faith teaching.” That was not a biblical precept, faith was always tied to purpose, the intent of God, something He was about to accomplish. If the purpose was lost then faith does not have a reason and in such cases is applied to something we personally want. The problem is it may not be something that is on God’s to do list. Modern day teaching is, whatever we want is what God wants or becomes His agenda.

Naturally that is subject to our political and social persuasions, that makes God a poster child of every personal thing we desire and God has nothing else to do. Mark closes out his gospel with Jesus last words, “The Great Commission” in Mk.16:15 He says, “Go ye in to all the world preach the gospel to every creature. In verse 17, the power is addressed, “And these signs shall follow them that believe; they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues, vs:18 they shall take up serpents, drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

Please notice how the display of power is attached to a commanded purpose, a commission. In vs:20 they did so and the word was confirmed with signs following, the Lord working them. The promise of power and authority was fulfilled in the obedience to the command. It was never meant to be a side show in the church or any venue, neither was it planned. The serendipitous (valuable or agreeable things not sought for) kind of things, the unexpected happen out of obedience to the command of God to “Go Ye.” Black men as a under-represented population and disproportionate arrangement suggest irregular methods in efforts to reach them.

If every effort to reach them was considered normal and effective in reaching the general population, it suggest something is seriously wrong and unbalanced about black men. This would justify the presupposition that black men are abnormal, innately criminal, incorrigible and beyond change. Since we know this isn’t true, it is the method that must be adjusted, fine tuning to a focus on specifics. It was Jesus who compared winning men to fishing, for different fish there is different bait, tactics and technique. Since this element is impacting every sector of the black community it is imperative a readjustment be done immediately. Different sectors of the social economy of the nation has launch research, medicine, political policy and even earmark funding based on often bias outcomes in reference to black men.

Even to predict when and where they will commit crimes and what DNA aspect is more prone to commit violations. This can’t help but play a role in the eventual sentencing of black men, when the whole idea for the research was to confirm a prejudicial hypothesis already presupposed. In light of these and many other evidential considerations, black men deserve the special efforts of the church and other groups who believe God is directing them to “fade to black.” To put a black face on The Great Commission is an understatement, when people with means are of this persuasion and in position to carry out their prejudice, black men are an endangered species. If as most preachers believe and are preaching that America is under judgment, it unequivocally means it is time for the prophet (Hamitic).




New York Times best-selling author, Nassim Nicholas Taleb made the observation of the highly improbable of which he calls the “Black Swan.” That up until the 17th century it was thought that all swans were white, basically through inductive reason. That is since no one had ever seen anything else they assumed must all be white. A world that just pull out its coloring book a century earlier, could easily adapt to this persuasion, it corroborated what they wanted to believe. But in Australia some explorers saw the first black swan, which sent all their learning in a tail spin. Sir Isaac Newton said in the 18th century, “About The Time Of The End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies and insist on their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.” The improbable is about to happen, what the world despised holds the key to its deliverance. But because the mystery of the word that the black man will deliver, will come up out of the depth of his being, it demands an awakening by God in essence of his creation.

In what no one thought could possibly happen an awakening will take place, it is produced from a degree of suffering in a crucible that unlock a realm of gifting unique to only this people. Nassim Taleb talks about the improbable being so astonishing because we are locked into a systemic pattern of thought that nothing else is permitted to invade its course. Even when we are wrong, we feel good about staying the course simply because it is the course accustom and comfortable or may be a crowd doing it. What is unthinkable is the place so many people are finding light and extraordinary understanding, which appears to be a major phenomenon, a tremendous breakthrough. Amazing in that it defies and demands revisiting former convictions and adjust thinking accordingly, which requires courage about this course previously absent.

When in many instances it is a break-away from what the crowd thought or arrived at through inductive reasoning. Which when it does take place, even change the process that those conclusions and the use of so-called undeniable and sometimes many called scientific procedures. Therefore what has been called “breakthrough” was nothing but truth piercing the thin layer of assumptions having been presented as a fact, not necessarily truth. “Truth crush to earth will rise again.” A fact doesn’t have to be necessarily truth, it may be the truth of a fact in that it occurred at that time, but that does not make it the truth, the embodiment of the whole. Which means eventually “the truth” will pierce the veil that conceals the reality. Truth in biblical numerology is the number “one” which is a significant number implying of God, which means no lie can live forever. The number “one” because there is nothing else it is to be divided by, subtracted from, multiplied by or added to, it stands as truth by itself.

It doesn’t need anything else to be truth. God being true will when a lie has run its course, will yield way to truth. A lie is significant of darkness and is one or alone, but is not a legitimate entity, existing on its own, darkness only exist in the absence of light. Once light rises, darkness automatically disappears, it has no strength or substance on its own and no argument with light. The problem with discovering these serendipitous truth, is that people won’t admit they were wrong, and embark upon the same process in correcting their error. To make a case based on darkness, raises the inevitability of a fall. Then we watch the gradual decline of the fallacious argument as it descends into defeat, using every effort, economic, social and political pump into survival of what’s sure to die.

What they reveal is their prejudicial bent in the initial assumption which is what colored their view and needed to be corrected before making the assumption. The Black Swan runs parallel to the method God uses in what some term as a breakthrough, sometimes called this to give it the miraculous sensation that we often beg. We never say, “I repented” or “I was wrong,” unless the monetary value “breakthrough” (pardon the pun) first. God’s methods seem so astounding because of the confidence that will have been built in something else that was doomed to fail or would eventually change. To assume the black man’s condition or his mind would change or that he could possibly have this impact on the world would be a black swan.

It only seems that way because the world has been impressed by inductive reasoning, in that this is all they have seen. If truth be told only something of this magnitude could possibly have this effect. Even black scholars, philosophers, sociologist don’t believe the black mind set can be change or will happen in our lifetime. It is because of that mind set no significant efforts have come on the world stage and sadly, not even considering the supernaturalness of God has been a consideration. Religious rituals has taken the place of the supernatural, its exogenous nature has in effect created an innocuous people.

Congenitally possessing all the tools to instinctually become a commodity unique to the whole human family, yet unable to execute any of its attributes. But gives the appearance they subscribe to the opinion of the world about them. The one thing working in their favor, that the world is turning away from that they have an innate navigation system uniquely in black people they have refuse to use. This has become my mission, to awaken this hidden asset in us and how to tap that reservoir God has reserve for those willing to wrap their trouble around His will.

By making His will priority, His original intent for black people and their end time role, we solve the age old problem that nobody thought could be done. Of course this will never be said, it is at this juncture we normally hear all the religious jargon that gives the impression we are godly. Yet our works clearly testify that something is wrong, the stats demonstrate that. If we are as spiritual as we claim religiously, those numbers should be drastically different. Thirty years ago white people were the majority of prison inmates at 65% and blacks at 35%. Today it is just the opposite blacks at 65% and whites at 35%, we die faster from almost every disease with more increasing.

As of September 2011 black unemployment rate was at 16.7% while black youth is 34% up against white unemployment at 8%. When this was true of white people, it was called a “depression.” These disproportionate levels have held consistently for decades, while some want to give the same excuses that has only strengthen and allowed racism an escape route. All these numbers do is reinforce my point of something drastic needs to be done, no gradual programs that take the next 15 years to see if it works should be instituted, it is a distraction.

Over 50% of the AIDS/HIV cases are in the black community and 70% of those are black women, yet they are the main population group in the church to the tune of some 85%. While 42.3% of black women have never been married and over 70% of black households are headed by women, as we all know and quote, suggest a concentrated focus on us. Black children out of the over 500,000 that are in the state’s care over half are black, with young males aging out of the system, which means they were never adopted, suggest a concentrated focus on us. Of the disproportionate number of blacks in the penal system 80% of those were in the child care system of the state institutions. Which basically says a staggering number of black men are state owned, almost as much as was the case during slavery and suggest a concentrated focus on us.

We abort more black babies than any other racial group in the country and has become the major cause of death among blacks, at present our teen pregnancy rate is greater than that of India. Black men are executed at a disproportionate rate to that of whites, with sentencing of less serious crimes much more harsh than that of white people. This is what is used by the general white public to suggest black people are more criminal than white people and is believed by many black people. In the case of Duane Buck on 7-30-95, a psychologist testified that black people were more likely to commit violence, when in actuality research suggest just the opposite. In spite of this tragedy, the mere mention of “Black” means the race card is being played, therefore can’t be mentioned, successfully shutting black folks mouth, shamefully including the church.

However these are the latent persuasions that many white people have and would suggest perhaps these are some of the reasons white Christians as such didn’t act in many instances when they should have. Yet behind the scenes have thrown a lot of support to such groups as the Tea Party in the name of what is Christian and moral. Black Christians sometimes haven’t taken in to account these affiliations, then can safely celebrate worship with whites openly, but are visibly absent in battle where it makes a difference. Historically, white Christianity has been complicit in the demise of black people, often providing the initial steps to take over.

While the black church has slipped into mega status, these numbers on black people continue to increase with no change in sight. All these things indicate some drastic, unusual and radical methods on a mass scale must become the usual methods, without apology or being deceived into the “unity for all people” sloganeering that never benefits black people. This engineered, managed and governed by black “ONLY” has been problematic for some black people, because it is the efforts to sound inclusive that has always deceived black people and neutralize all our work. At the risk of sounding apologetic, I will mention the fact that this is not an attempt to discredit or keep any other race of people out, to demean or attack anyone.

However, it is imperative that black people control and supply the flavor of the entire movement, trying to make it uni-friendly is going to cause it to lose traction, power and potency. The evidence of this is everywhere plainly obvious and the platform on which the whole plane of this teaching has been rendered has not solve black folk problem. Therefore it is clear something more is necessary and that strategy won’t work and is only a red herring. It is the kind of thing black people need to support themselves and not be dictated to by any other party that is not kindred. It is time we face the fact that this “unity thing” is not working for us. In fact, biblically speaking, it is an end time warning and what the bible says must precede the arrival of the anti-Christ, setting the stage for his one world government he will rule over.

But if we can’t face the fact we are a dying people, how do we face the fact this facade is nothing more than assimilation and slow death. When something as sacred as the Great Commission is subject to some revision or shift, not changes and mindful we should never change the word of God, stress how drastic these efforts need be. But to do the great commission in “black face” all in hopes we can change the negative numbers on the black family, because a concentrated effort is needed is quite sound and scriptural.

This country fail to acknowledge that black people are not part of the integral fabric of this nation. But want to believe anyone in America, as our president (Barak Obama) likes to say, that determination and hard work will make anyone succeed, which isn’t true, but its conciliatory tones can pacify anyone, “afraid of the dark.” It also has nothing to do with bigotry and racism in this nation and is only an excuse for those who feel this way to continue to do so. Simply because a platitude sounds good and is often repeated, doesn’t mean it is true.

Before a serious operation, doctors will check to see if there are any other problematic areas that will complicate the outcome or a perfect procedure. If something is found to be malfunctioning, that becomes the area of attention before the surgery intended can actually take place. It could be lethal to proceed as if there is no problem when the situation is an integral part or essential to wholeness and completeness is ignored. For the “black problem” to be ignored suggest many other pernicious implications.

Either it was never considered as part of the whole and in proceeding it won’t present any complications or it was ignored, as in not really existing. All black people know this has been the history and normally what mandated a jumping the Titanic, deserting your own race. Which normally means other indignities are to follow, where often the same people are used to justify the subsequent rationale for the first lie and it never have to be called racism. This is not to justify any special attention, affirmative action or preferences from anybody, just that black people should themselves focus black first and black only!



Nothing enrages black people more than being made aware of the fact that we have been taken advantage of and used on levels we were never allowed to enter. All of us are aware of the facts and to what degree it has been done, all of us are full of quotes from our scholars, to the corner soap box to the front porch pulpits. What seldom follows is a plan and how to deal with the spirit who just wants to talk. The qualifying trials to see who is worthy of wearing a uniform or call an officer is also something that leaves a lot to be desired. That is what this is all about, a move to action, something a little more than just talk.

We have put forth some action items people can consider and give feed-back on, whether they like it or not. In any event it has all kinds of possibilities, again the important thing we want to stress here is that it remains BLACK. Sensitivity to black culture and our concerns is very important, trying to comply with everybody’s philosophy on the basis of tolerance has been one of our greatest distractions. This has been something many people are afraid to say, but know it is true and feeling that the only way a black interest project can succeed is to be open to anybody.

To this I strongly object, recent and historical facts support my supposition. Other races of people do the same thing without ever mentioning their race or giving up any aspect of their language, culture or identity. Their connection with their homeland is no secret and made sure their support of each other is without variance. Asians for instance, almost always buy cars built by them though living in America. Black people on the other hand almost always feel the need of equating identification.

An unconscious psychological process by which an individual models thoughts, feelings and actions after another person or group, is very debilitating. And it is often after their oppressor or dominant group that occasions the persecution. Because they feel this is what would be expected of them, yet when investigating the reason black people are where they are this aspect never becomes suspect.

In trying to find such an elusive answer, everything and everybody should be suspect. Christians are the worst ones at this, because they feel it is Christian to do so, never questioning the affiliations of the counter-culture doing tremendous damage to blacks. Or why their voice as Christians was never raised in high profile situations in behalf of black people, especially since Christianity was used so greatly in their demise. There is this sickening sense of contentment, even complacency, where we have stamped the good housekeeping, House of God seal of approval.

The only place white people feel safe in offering any assistance, is when blacks are willing to leave the alliance and affiliation of anything that appears to be black. While losing the confidence of their own people and never receive nothing but tokens or symbols of assistance as they uphold every cause of white people. White people are not going to risk the alienation of their own people, who they feel will always be in superior positioning, if not superior to black people. Because the unspoken truth many people feel, is that black people are, innately, an inferior people.

Isn’t it strange, a movement already under way and comparing itself to the Civil Rights Movement and out pacing it, has glowing and glaring publicity, protest on a basis of acceptance as it is, “gay rights” shamelessly promulgate its right to public saturation. While any mention of “black” is forbidden and recklessly accused of playing the “race card,” how is the comparison in any way just or even what constitutes a comparison?

What position does God take in such situations, since it is felt unless we speak inclusively, it is a violation against Him or His law. How could God have been so silent, when from the highest court in the land, to even the densely populated black cities jurisprudence concerning black people have been held in such contempt. When the rights of illegal immigrant have been upheld with greater privileges and opportunities than blacks born here. In addition, have been recruited to support the rights of illegals to be legalized with opportunities blacks were normally criticize for expecting and then called un-American if we don’t.

While being asked to speak out for illegal immigrants, gays, animals, etc., the cause of 42 million black people have gone virtually neglected. Yet many, even Christians, will say they have received great gains and it is enough, what they mean is from slavery. It gives the sad signal we think we have arrive and are free and are able to speak on behalf of every other perceived discriminated or aggrieved class. Technological advancement and a predictable changing America is leaving black America behind, just as the world developed and left Africa behind in pity and shame. The church and the home has been the greatest harbinger, because the absence of men is so explicit and graphic there, with statistics growing worst with each polling, we can’t help but notice. Yet the drastic changes necessary to make a difference, we are afraid to make, but will give awareness sessions everywhere, because they have no risk or work.



Our understanding of eschatology and earth’s end time role, which is not as gloom and doom for the church as it is for non-Christians. That does not mean we neglect our stewardship, which should begin with our own house, no one else will or should do it for us. Therefore somebody must become the drum major for a differing kind of role. This role is sure to stir all the animosity and vitriolic emotions that has been able to hide behind stain glass windows or the power ties and suspenders of wall street and Washington. It would be very naïve for black people to assume that any way forward for America automatically include them.

History teaches us differently and today even a black president hasn’t made those kind of changes. Where we are bought off with certain language as he is not the president of black America, but all America. But a door knob would have to know this was understood in him coming into office and there would be no flack from a people glad to witness history and not fight against it. This would mean his greatest army would be the very people who have had nothing done for them. The purpose is revealed in the president’s first agenda in office and who it served and predictably black were quiet or told to be so.

Yet after four years in office he hasn’t got around to the benefits of black and poor people with any specifics, not even in his own home state (Illinois). But to pull off the election of a black president…in these United States was a stroke of genius. This is not criticism of the president so much as it is in defense of black people, that defense must be fought where ever the battle leads, regardless of the color. The other important issue is, if God has a plan for black people to be entering into, it is disobedience to not support those efforts as it stands. The fragility of the timing and purpose of God in black people does not allow the luxury of whenever we decide to get around to it. The deliverance, justice, equality and utility of black people is about as apt as the election of a black president.

The fiery denunciation of black preachers (awareness) is not what is needed right now, but how many are willing to die, if necessary, on the front line. Many have sharpen their skills under this category, but since then, how many have produce and executed a plan. What would something like that have done for the kingdom of God and His great name and since under the great commission He wants everybody saved, we just concentrated it and put a black face on it.

If it is made “black” then it pulls every black person out of the shadows of just talking. Being just black, it demands black people would have to support it and destroys the notion that unless white people give their money and involvement it won’t fly. Our dependency should be upon God, especially if it is His will, plan and desire, it shouldn’t have to have white folks approval before it can be called “of God.”

This plan provides every black person a place to die, that ought to shake out the cowards. But that is the kind of determination we must have, not looking for death, but if we have to, committed to! Then there won’t be so many people calling in to black talk radio, but it will create a new station, “Black Work Radio.” Truth is, this is why we haven’t arrived, not education, the vote, or mass marches, but mad warriors (not violence), just action! This is not to say those things aren’t needed, but they alone haven’t done it, because we have done that, but there is still a lot to be desired.



If we are talking God, then what difference the facts make. The whole bible is built on ignoring the facts, but if all we are looking for is the whoop-la, then just religion will do. We have a whole lot of that, because you don’t have to do anything, just about doing something and most of that is left up to God. But the true story is like prayer, “Prayer moves God, God moves people and people change things.” Kind of put your religion to test doesn’t it or just how much you really believe God! Can God raise a dead man, stupid question right? The statistics on the black man would suggest he’s a dead man, though he yet lives.

That’s why he need not be address, he’s not at home, he’s not in the church, he’s not at work, he’s not at the polls, he’s not with his wife, he’s not at school with his children. Some would like to play semantics and put every word on trial, but then again, THAT IS JUST TALK, isn’t it! The situation must be treat as a synecdoche, a figure of speech in which a part of a thing stands for the whole thing; or the whole for the part; or the special for the general; or the general for the special. If treated like this, the serious, severe, grave weight comes across in a sobering manner that suggest, this is no laughing matter.

To put God up against the odds against a dead man, is to demonstrate just how real we really believe He is or are we “JUST TALKING,” religion! In II Kings 13:20-21, a dead man is being buried, his body brush up against the dead bones of Elisha the prophet and the dead man is revived and stood up on his feet. This was not for a show in the church, sell books or advertise a conference, but to make a point to the king who took lightly the prophet’s word to him before dying. If the power was present in the dead body of Elisha, then how much more should what he said while alive be heeded. Can you imagine the attention everyone paid to that man that was dead, the king probably honored him.

He was a spectacle to the whole town. The word of the prophet probably meant more now than when he was alive. God raise the dead man for His purpose, to speak louder and more forcefully than anyone living. There is purpose in what the world considers to be a dead man, the black man. If his raising can be wrap around the purpose of God in this hour, then we about to witness a miracle.

That miracle would be for the purpose of bringing attention to the truth of God, being taken too lightly and has to give way to charisma or the antics we can create around church. In this mode of operation, we could find God doing what everybody thought was impossible. Not for just equality, but e’clat and eternity, which doing the work thereof brings success and glorifies God. It is going to take the supernatural nature and hand of God to change the status of a dead man, which is predicted according to numbers, to get worst.

We must ignore the facts, because they weren’t meant for us, it was meant to persuade the population that black people are incorrigible and beyond help. It not only accomplished that, but it made black people distant themselves from their own and not be identified with the negative connotation. The facts must be ignored if we are to defy the logistics, therefore in light of this only the supernatural power of God can assist us. This goes beyond religion, because what happen to us happen amid religion’s growth and prosperity. Nobody was better at it than black people, while we shouted our people were being march to the morgue.



Most black people would never do that, it is the form in which we did it that is virtually the same thing. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric that we worship God in many different ways. The gospel of Jesus Christ, truth is very dogmatic and makes no apologies, the bible doesn’t speak in respect to any other gods or religions. There is no way to deny Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the Living God and think that any other form of religion is fine. It is just another way to God, I won’t waste my time and yours with theological argument. Suffice it to say that, the reason the world wants to get rid of Christ is because of what attest His authenticity. Some will argue with the fact of His virgin birth and being fathered by the Holy Spirit, therefore different from any other religious claims.

But what proves this is His resurrection and all the events occurring after His resurrection as proof. Over 517 witnesses saw Him rise in the heavens, proof to other witnesses that He was not a spirit or ghost (as if there was such a thing). The greatest miracle is the ability to transform lives, to take away those things that damn men’s souls. That is what we need most, the destruction of our families and communities is in that behavior, that we like to believe is accepted in our religion. Many will choose their religion according to their life style, in other words what they are allowed to continue and still have good religion. Not so in Christ, you can’t join in, you must be born in.

Our help coincides with a divine plan of God for the world where we because of covenant inheritance figure very prominently in that plan. This is why it so important that we in no way violate His principles. To accomplish His task He will work miracles, if we are in assistance to that plan, He will work for us. It is also the reason I stress this is not church as we know it, it is not the self-interest we have taught that is all God cares about. He had a plan before we were ever born, it is asinine to assume God was just waiting until we arrived to give Him orders. It is the fact that many people don’t know or study the prophesied plan of God. If they knew it, they could almost predict the news daily, which is only fulfilling what He said would happen.

Since the bible’s beginning Hamitic people have always had a part of what God was doing and played a very prominent role in the history of Israel. It was only after they violated that role and assignment were they in position to be enslaved by anybody, something that historically happened to Israel. Since they were almost one people and bore a covenant relationship, it makes sense they would be factored into the equation of the end. This, of course, would never be something any other people dare to discuss or could possibly bring forth the revelation concerning them. In their despised state, they wouldn’t be envisage in that place, particularly since even Israel’s position will suffer an attempt to be replace. It has been the prophetic position to make many of these things clear, that is to this depth.

It is already prophetically clear these attempts will be made, but there is a more detailed and insightful disclosure to be made. Making plain the intended purpose had Hamitic people never failed God or purpose. It is about Him, not a specific people, it was always about Him, which is the reason of revelation prayer. Notice in scripture when certain people prayed, God would often give a revelation of Himself as an answer to the prayer they prayed. Doesn’t seem like an answer does it, it is because “In Him was life and His life was the light of men,” (Jn.1:4). The teaching apart from Him to obtain success in life through psychologized Christianity is a farce and not foundational to scripture.

The greatest mistake black people could make would be to get caught up in that trap at a time when God would assist in what has never happened since leaving Africa. Aside from the covenant designation, Ham before he violate his father, evidence in his name (covered in my first book, The Inheritance), there is the one that is associated with Israel. In Num. 10:32 Moses ask the help of Hobab, a son of Jethro his father-in-law, “ the one who taught him about God was given a promise by Moses. “Whatever good God will do for us, we will do unto thee,” this was spoken Hobab, a descendant of Abraham and Keturah (Hamitic).

Not only did Hamitic people leave with Israel out of Egypt as one people, but here is a promise to bless Midianite people (Hamitic) on the same level as Israel. Remember what Moses asked his brother-in-law to do, “to be eyes for us” which is also a symbol of the prophetic. So when it is asserted all the prophets came from Israel, which is not entirely true, it would encompass the Hamitic blend included in what made up Israel. Since prophecy was directly or indirectly about Israel, Hamitic people would have the inside sense on assistance or direction.

Israel was the personification of the purpose of God, prophetic always assist the purpose of God. We have witness the kind of horror that defies the imagination and every image of human decency, nothing has been able to raise the consciousness of responsibility, morality and honorableness of American society. Because at heart, white America really feel it exemplifies the model by which all the world should live and are the leaders of the human race.

Of course these things would not be said in any public setting, but the ambiguity is ubiquitous and part of the reason black people are so confused. The other part are the ones who don’t want to believe these thing and choose the simplistic for lack of intelligent dialectical argument. Clearly this is not biblical, it justifies deviating from scriptures where necessary, to support the erroneous assumption of preparing the way for the less fortunate. This was some of the reasoning justifying slavery, that black people were unable to take care of themselves and therefore needed overseers and caretakers.

Conservatives use the same reasoning, that the wealthy should have the government benefits and advantages, because they will provide jobs for the rest of America, the poor, labor and middle class. It is quite obvious, this is nothing but a camouflage cloaked in mass deception of this top-down solution, while factories close, jobs ship overseas, homes foreclosed while the greatest business of all becomes wars. Black people fighting for the survival of their own is not prejudicial, racist, discriminating and I refuse to engage in the greatest distraction and waste of time ever, defending my right to save my own people.

We doing what bible ordered in Mt.28:19-20, we are just doing it in black face or concentrating our efforts first on an endangered race of people. God never gave any people dominion over another group people in or out of His name. When scriptures are used to support this unscriptural reasoning, the just should say so. At the rate of this neo-group thought, which has already demonstrated its anti-God rationale, its amalgamation or intermingling based on contemporary thought is slowly diluting the strength of black people.

If black people were such an insignificant, helpless and powerless people why are they always at the center of targeted change. An insignificant people wouldn’t be considered at all, but once they have outlived their usefulness are always discarded. We are so happy to be counted at all, we are willing to believe in anything, but other black people. How can God ever use black people for their designed purpose, unique to their nature, if they insist on imitating everyone else, because their original is repudiated by the world. What the majority of black people know is traditional Christianity, which is normally what we’ve learned, in what we know as church.

What other ethnicities make sure they include as a constant part and practice of their traditional, is what black people are comfortable leaving out. Others know that their very continued existence depends on how relevant and rehearsed this practice is maintained in their everyday life and all that they do. Our very nature because of its hybridized existence from a desire to follow and imitate everyone else has left us with a fused and confused compound of indefinables.

The one thing we can be sure of is the condition of black men, the application of a solution is missing and the time is now. The one thing that no one seems able to articulate or to convert to an integrated whole with clarity enough to understand. Is that we lost our faith in God, sounds simply enough doesn’t it. However, we must remember, “ignorance is the mother of devotion.” People will be most devoted to that which they are most ignorant of, because it doesn’t need explanation, once ignorance takes over.

The devotion means whatever is claimed must be true, because this kind of fidelity must attest to validity. But we are talking the kind of faith that warrants a stand and it is a stand that creates a standard and a standard changes a people. It manufactures and forge a “Code Of Conduct,” behavior that governs a community and a people, by its pride, dignity and strength of will. This is not mere profession, this is the biblical faith that cause Jesus to marvel at its capacity and substance. Show me your faith without your works and I will show you my faith BY MY WORKS, (Jas. 2:18) therefore it is the faith in action that actually establishes the reality and existence of my faith.

For black people to walk out that faith, establishes its reality, this is where we were to create a standard. The shear strength of will and the stubborn courage to stand is where God would have manifest His faithfulness to deliver. Not to concede to pressures of popularity or perceptions of necessity, but the gifting of Hamitic faith that refuse to die. The faith that weathered every generation and pull down the blessings of God. With this faith, compromise is not part of our idiolect. Our Code Of Conduct was forge in the fires of determination and a whisper of our fathers of pass generations, who are depending on us to not let the winds blow away their bloody footprints in the sands. “I am just looking for trouble.”