Ain’t Goin Study War No More

If I wish to punish a province, I would have it governed by philosophers, said Frederick (II) The Great. The beginning of philosophy is incredulity, which is not just unbelief as many would say or skepticism, it is as most often in philosophy an unwillingness to believe. In discovery to disprove something and evidence suggest the opposite, there are those who will continue investigation until there is an answer they will accept. That is not philosophy or scientific, yet entire disciplines, courses and careers have been built on the same fallacious ground. All that is necessary is to quote a few academics along the way and enough support has been generated to carry an idea a few more generations. Just talking has gained a great following; many join the herd, because admittedly it pays well.

Generally speaking, by the time people find out an argument is just full of air, a person can be rich, by then it really doesn’t matter after that, does it? It takes about a generation for proposed doctrine to run its course. The Apostle Paul said, “Every man’s work shall be made manifest: For the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is,” (I Cor.3:13). It took 40 years in the wilderness for the Israelites under God’s penalty to die out and only their children emerged as an Israel entering Canaan.

Forty is number of maturity, the maturation of a process, by this time the nature of anything can be revealed though it may last longer. There has been many messages, trends and tendency toward a prevailing thought, popular during its day ran its course or didn’t stand the fire and had to yield way to the next. This philosophy of thought can continue until somebody stand and says, “Where’s the beef.” Just feeling that by now the fruit should have come forth, Jesus cursed a fig tree when after 3 years it produced no fruit (Mt.21:19). The fig tree which was figurative of Israel and after Jesus 3 years of ministry would reject Him or produce no fruit and had ran its course. The other serious problem was the fact that it had leaves and no fruit, for the fig tree the fruit came out first then the leaves. Here was a tree testifying to having fruit by the leaves, but when you get close enough to see, it had none. The teaching in the church world today tends towards the strengthening of the Christian and that is good and necessary. The strategy of war and the weapons of war are all in this arsenal of teaching on the rules of engagement. But how sturdy and sound all that teaching is can only be proven on the battle field and in the war, not talking about a war!

Sometimes we are just medics, the people they call after soldiers have fallen, and we are there in the prisons, hospitals or hospices. I must say again, how valuable this teaching is and under no circumstances should any of this be minimized or discounted or disrespected especially at the rate blacks are going. But there came a time during Jesus teaching ministry that He sent His disciples out, saying take nothing with you. Note now, these men have not yet truly understood the message, ministry or the Messenger (Messiah) and He sends them out. As if to say, there are some things you will only learn from actualities, virtual reality was not enough, it was time for war. This had to mean they had been exposed to everything they would need, though everything had not been told them.

They didn’t expect to see demons subject to them, upon their return they said, “Lord even demons were subject to us!” There are some things that could only be learned on the battle field, imagine what this did for their confidence in everything Jesus had already said. We wrestle with people in the church trying to believe something God said and what is preached, because they never had a battle field experience. What most people term a battle field, is what they tend to deal with in everyday life. All of which Jesus plainly [said was already covered, but here is the catch. It was while doing the work God has assigned or ascribed is warfare, the whole face of secondary battle and warfare would change if that was done. Because it is there, we would see the miracles designed to take place in the midst of the battle, to assist what He proposed and only in the battle! This is important because this is where God shows up, secondly, He won’t share His glory with no one, regardless of how we are taught we are practically God. There is definitely warfare going on though, the problem is we haven’t struck a blow back in the name of that purpose. Allow me to asseverate, in the movie “John Q” starring Denzel Washington as the young hard working father of a son who had a heart condition and was dying. The insurance he had was not enough, he had no money and no way of getting any. The hospital would not relent and allow him to pay later.

Worry, fear, desperation consumed the young father and his wife, in a desperate move he held the hospital workers hostage until his son was placed on a list for a new heart. I know what that feels like; I have been there, when the doctor came in and told me without any compassion whatsoever, my first wife (Peaches) needed another heart. Fear gripped me, I felt isolated, it was hard to breathe as I made my way to the church in the dark, never turning on the lights and cried my heart out to God. In as serious as this was and frighteningly painful, it is not the battle field, it is the kind of things God fix in route, but it cannot be termed as the battle field. This is important to point out, because many soldiers have been left back at that juncture.

*Art featured by Jonathon Romain



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