COVENANT: (Affirmation)

Addresses the axiom or what is generally assumed as true of black men, lacking the affirmation that would give a sense of belonging. The negative connotations in reference to black men has become a lexicon America seems to rely on and appears to be the point of reference that paints every picture of black America. This hypothesis has been assumed by sociologist, psychologist, even theologians and other professionals. The Hamitic Covenant answers these questions in more definitive terms and proper context with an air of distinction that solemnly resolves the orphan heart with divine directions of original intent. To discover a covenant for a people held in such contempt, is a God send, only God could possibly tread such forbidden territory.

This resolution points the way along a path that leads to ultimate utility and development that is absolutely awesome in the way it addresses with such balance and impartiality. A disclosure that was intentionally hidden for the purposes of exploitation and control, to establish a pseudo-superiority and dogma of supremacy even in the name of God is unconscionable. However, there is a covenant so rich in content, it resolves the problem of black men, while possessing the healing element of a nation. It is covenant that gives authority to the claims we make in our distinction, once this is understood, it becomes very clear black people don’t need the sanctioning of anyone else. They will in fact reveal what’s necessary to heal the nation and how they were used, while the theft of a republic went on.