End Time

Eschatology is considered the subject of the end times or last things, though there are various views on the subject, which we will not concern ourselves with that here. It is the popular and most regarded view from which we take our position, the premillennial. Throughout the subject of this work, I have taken the position of the Hamitic or black people being appointed as the Prophetic, as such have an assignments that assist the intent of God throughout the gentile reign unto the rapture of the church or believers. I contend it was the intent of God from the beginning of appointments to each one of Noah’s sons as progenitors of the human family.

They each represented the composition of the synthesis by which God incorporate His purpose in the earth. Three stands for the number of entirety, completion, real, solid, substantial in bible and denotes “Divine Perfection.” That was the number of Noah’s sons, denoting Prophet, Priest and King, which encompasses the entirety of Israel’s make up and history. It is also the constitutional make up of Christ, which would encompass the entirety of the “whole” human family or world for which He died. In each person of this make up (prophet, priest and king) Christ fulfilled and unveiled Himself to the world, however it was the prophetic, through which He was identified.

It was to the prophecies He constantly pointed, to confirm it was He, of whom the scriptures spoke. It was this same office, the “prophetic,” that had insight from the beginning to the millennial reign of Christ in the “End Time.” For it was through the prophets, that we even have a view of what the end time is supposed to look like or identify it. The role of the end time players, the participating nations, the anti-Christ, the false prophet, the Great Whore etc., is through the realm of the prophetic. However, the specificity, I contend in its particulars requires a sui generis (being in a class by itself: uniquely its own), as a distinction by its very nature through the Holy Spirit is able to give a view no one else can. It is the “conative utterances” of the prophetic in the Hamitic that will also initialize the restorative work of black men, as it inaugurate a nation being called back to holiness. Health, wholeness and holiness and the number three (3) also have the same root, the reunification, preservation and restoration of the black family and the nation has its roots in the same origination. Which is why satan needed the office of the prophetic to advance his cause, the prophetic in bible is “light, illumination, understanding.”

Exactly what satan represents himself as to the world. Therefore from the beginning the problem was not “racism” but the unique gift and appointment of black people, in whom the world would never unveil, so contempt, loathing and hatred was a must. We assumed it was because of the color of our skin, it started a quest to prove we’re as good. Black people would never be seen or accepted as such, leaving “one door and one opportunity only,” through Christ and the power of God. This is why, in the close of the age, to blind that office or at least make them offend God so they would never recapture their identity then satan can officially claim it. The very people who are supposed to be insight, light and understanding to the age, become the ones who held the last vestiges of an uncompromising holiness in the land. It never was about color, nor was it a social argument or could be healed by its programs.

Not only by religious experience do they abhor the practices satan is introducing, but “by nature” black people despise and detest the cultural habits he is suggesting. Only one in four black men become homosexuals, which does not take into account the ones who are converted to Jesus Christ, for satan that is a very slow and unsuccessful process. However, if leading black men and black church leaders support the effort, it can give the appearance of having accepted it and throw out statistics which their advocates and sympathizers control. This is the same method through which End Time preaching and teaching is changed to support unscriptural liberal views through technological *techniques. However, this did not escape God, in point of fact much of what He prophesied will come to pass, could only happen with the discovery of advance technological development. Though many in the Christian world will have some understanding of this insidious façade, it will be the prophetic insight of the Hamitic that will be able to see through that narrow field of vision. This end time mandate will awaken the prodigal sons of the coming of their time, with a vision and beat of the Father’s heart. They will also occasion the others who slept in the pig-pen with him, they will also recognize and expose the spirit that only pretends to have the Father’s interest at heart. Because of their worldly understanding, prodigals will return very thick skinned, not looking to be pampered.


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