If There Is No Color In Christ, Why All The Emphasis On Color?

Systemic issues surround the whole concern of racism as it relates to black people, but we often address the issue on an individual or case by case analysis. Moreover, black people permit other ethnic groups to define their problem of racism, its origin, nature and process. If the impact of racism is upon and against black people as a whole, then the whole anatomy of its structural basis becomes the solitary duty of black people in its analysis on them.

In spite of the world’s denial, the truth is, it still sees almost everything through the lens of color, it is as much fatal, as it is ignorance to ignore color. Black people buying into this hypothesis of ignoring color, is a very deluded state of animal-like fatalism. It is to concede defeat on the same basis as segregation 150 years ago, cultural inferiority and not worthy of any investigative probe, defense or examination.

The statistics on black people are still very grave and suggest a death watch, just with more sophistication, but still dying. Often at our own hands, the highest rate of death in the black community is abortion, not gun violence, heart disease or cancer. Yet it is supported under some of the most despicable and suspicious claims, even by black people. According to the statistics on black people, a suggestion of ignoring color, is tantamount to a doctor saying to a patient he is fine, though diagnosis evidenced they are dying. The most wretchedly contemptible ploy of them all, is to make Christ culpable, in this time tested heinous scheme. It has been the tactic of cabal conspiratorial ruling groups to send in the missionaries first, under the guise of spreading the gospel to conquer a people.

Africa’s history is replete with it. Nowhere does the gospel of Christ advocate ignoring ethnic value, DNA or one’s heritage, instead it ennobles it, especially fathers. While the inheritance that everyone in Christ receives is beyond words of comprehension and comparison as the only focus or consideration. It would obscure the impartation of God to each branch of the human family’s progenitor or originator, if that was the case.

It is their original intent that comes into question or the original purpose of God that warrants investigation, not what they became. It is God’s original intent that He always sought that was to become the search of every individual and people group. Slavery in Egypt for Israel was designed to make them long for the cherish promise of God to their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It was not about color it was their heritage and inheritance, as was the case with Japheth and Shem. Because Hamitic people was part of, (not participants in) a conspiracy to assume primogeniture, which is about displacing Israel, Hamitic connection must be obscured as well. But notice, it still does not get to be about color, but heritage and inheritance emanating from a covenant. It is a Hamitic covenant that this position is derive from, which gets to be the prophetic position in its purpose.

This was the particular function of Hamitic people to Israel (Shem) throughout scripture. The peculiar relationship of intimacy of the heart of God, conveying the emotional sentient perception of God was unique to Hamitic people. They (human family) were meant to function as one, for example, as they were all represented, prophet, priest and king in Christ as a definitive whole of His identity. Each one of Noah’s sons had their own peculiarity as it relates to purpose of God, which was also their identity, this the prophetic was Hamitic purpose.

Color had nothing to do with it. It was the inherent basic constitutional temperament of the individual person, yet that inclination was part of a greater composition making up the whole. Racism became the categorical term used to describe the prejudicial violation of infringing upon another person. That violation toward Hamitic people was to erase the essential meaning of their existence in the earth, which was the emotional intimacy of God’s heart and purpose in the world. This would fall under, in biblical usage, as the prophetic, always guiding into holiness and righteousness. It was the instinctive nature of Hamitic people, that tend toward emotional invigoration which animated the heart and Spirit of God in purpose. For this, black people were ridiculed under other redefined contemptuous caricature. As a result, they tried to stay under the radar and comply with what everyone would accept, which was a benign inferiority, laughing when it wasn’t funny. Not knowing they were obfuscating something God had given distinction that could never be copied. But it was for His purpose where the full development would take place as part of the whole human family, but it rejected black people.