If Christ Is The Answer, Why Hasn’t He Solved The Black Man’s Crisis?

It is difficult to find a solution, when you don’t know the problem. It is not the solution that escapes us as black people, it is the problem. Solving the black man’s problem is not a matter of throwing social programs at him, which largely benefited the point person. Social programs are an insult, often given as though black and poor people are not an integral part of American society, but an appendage.

Stepping into purpose demonstrates the need and demand for an entity, it positions that object for dictating the basis of its participation. It is quite clear we haven’t arrived at this valuable place, because we are still in awe of inclusion at any level of involvement. Because in our heart of hearts, we understand we really aren’t welcome, regardless of the gracious and courteous rhetoric.

Though a significant percentage of black people are Christian, there are pockets of our societal existence that are compartmentalized. Unlike many other ethnic groups, it seems best to some people, to simply ignore the reality that there some unpleasant things we must arrest. In the midst of the religious climate black people can create, it is relatively easy to assume we have a very well-adjusted existence, when in reality it is just tolerable. To solve the principal problems of black people that constitutes their peril which also involves what we perceive as racism which is part of a much larger situation. How do you allow Christ to address a situation that has been described and defined as non-existent. Within the body of Christ (Christians) there is no campaign to rid the church or individual Christians of racism.

Everyone denies it, no one is guilty of it and the proof, presumably, is in the multi-cultural worship services, they’re everywhere. Wouldn’t this suggest, that at least within the church, racism is non-existent and if you ask anyone there, this is the answer you are sure to get. Truth is, it is tantamount to saying, because we have a black president, we live a post-racial America. To get a clear picture of the fait accompli, one only has to read the blogs during the Travon Martin murder case in Florida and the extinct to which some people went to express their heart felt convictions.

But it was the church, the body of Christ that strangely held this eerie silence, but often quite quick to criticize those social activist ministries who did respond. How does Christ address the problem of the black man when He is prohibited from involvement. Unless the problem is redefined above the boundary of what is considered palatable to such varying diversity, there will be nothing worth considering. It is this same multicultural diversity that has weakened and lessen the voice of protest, redefined as moderate. The equivalent of telling the poor and hungry, “cry softer,” weep with one eye. In Mt.20:31 two blind men heard Jesus was passing by, cried out, “have mercy on us, O Lord, Thou Son of David.” The crowd rebuked them and told them to hold their peace. It mattered not that these men were blind and sought the only chance of their healing and sight. The scriptures said, when told to shut up or hold their peace, “they cried the more” (vs:31).

The interesting paradigm that Jesus was setting forth for the disciples, which was for after His death, was “His authority,” not just the healing. It is Christ authority we have all forgotten in dealing with the situations in which we are confronted. When told to shut up or hold your peace, the church didn’t cry the more or even louder. To permit the authority of Christ to arrest every impediment or roadblock in moving forward is not what has happen.

The crowd following Christ was not there for sentiment He held in purpose, that is clear in how they responded to the helpless blind men. There are many people following Christ, but their motives are very questionable. There is more fear of political powers and social favors than regard for the authority of Christ. His authority was in the spiritual realm, something the church world is slowly allowing to slip from its grasp.

By pandering to the world, an unsavory flavor has changed the moral standards by which the church used to be judged. This procurement has gained possession of the power the church once knew and it is holding the church hostage to the will of the world. The power of the Holy Ghost and authority of Christ in the church has succumb to a standard of behavior conforming to the trendy popularity of psychologized Christianity.

Which in essence makes the whole Christian message and mission all about the Christian and his psychological health. It also allows Christian preachers to partner with motivational speaking and speakers, redirecting the entire thrust and purpose of a formerly convicting gospel. Christ is still the answer and that will never change, but a fashionable gospel does not have the power to confront the satanic strongholds that hold the black man in his controlling sway. A united and universal campaign has not been launched targeting the one individual God will empower to change the church and the family. There must be a return to the original purpose designated in Ham of God’s original intent (the prophetic) to guarantee power in his efforts. Not organized religious rituals or social and political campaigns, regulated to assuage the emotional vacuum screaming for leadership. While the word of God is replete with supernatural miracles meeting the needs of those crying out. A careful study of those situations will reveal the solutions were a restoration of and enroute to what His original purpose was all about to begin with.