Was There Something More Sinister At Work Than All The Talk About Racism?

The subject of racism has been analyzed from every perspective possible, by professionals from even greater sectors of society and there is still room for more. From admissions to denials from every obscure crevice imaginable, soaked in cryptic enigmatic mystery. When in the final analysis the mystery seems to be about hiding amoral intent and behavior. Because the sum total doesn’t even accurately add up to the true definition of racism, but a manufactured distraction to mislead, confuse and deceive a populated group.

While the victims of racism suffer horrific pain and humiliating indignities, perpetrators are so stealthily entrenched in their own self-deception that the encroachment is defended at the cost of their very souls. They don’t even know to what degree they are being manipulated, just enjoying the privileges. The violations far surpasses the victims hated, to unwittingly trespassing God. The inadvertent nature of this kind of loathing contempt, makes transformation almost impossible. Almost impossible, in the sense that there seems to be a lingering vestige, evidencing itself in many aspects of life.

It makes being truly free very questionable and suspect, even when it comes to godly things. There is nothing better for cabal conspirators, than to get someone else to do the evil work for you. Especially when the conspirators aren’t interested in the credit, just the results. Bible prophecy is built around Israel, you wouldn’t know that from just reading it. It seems to be about the conquering nations, their dominance and the interest of everyone, “power.”

But it was the role those nations played as it relates to Israel, enveloped in Israel was the purpose of God and His intent in the earth. His attempt, through them, to saturate His name throughout the earth. To assume the position of Israel or dominate them, was an attempt to subsume God or try to be Him or the equivalence thereof the world over. God’s promises to Israel are everlasting and irrevocable, which is why as the world’s hostilities will intensify, as bible predicts, it will provoke Israel to turn and call upon the Lord during the tribulation period.

This occasions God keeping His word and promises to them, this turn of events will bring about the prophesied end the bible states. Hamitic people have always been interwoven with Israel from its beginning, Abraham as the father of Israel was married to a Hamitic woman (Keturah). Not to mention the fact that the land of his origin where everyone was the same color and was ruled by a black king name Guti. Ham as the prophetic was always playing an intimate role in the history of Israel assisting often as the voice of God. Notice, this has nothing to do with color, but DNA, which meant the heritage was interwoven with the inheritance. If there was a plot to subsume Israel, Hamitic people would have to be a part of that conquest or conquered and dominated as well.

If color was part of that conquest, then it was virtually impossible to take both aspects of the human family (Shem and Ham) therefore a means of domination had to be employed that fundamentally completes the task. If this hypothesis is correct, three things immutably surfaces, (1) it is all about assuming God’s position and (2) it presupposes color as an issue (which it is not) and inferior (3) it also means the counterculture has to support every aspect and involvement of the plot, portraying itself as the primary and principal characters from its atavistic stage (origin). The ultimate plan therefore would be to unseat God, which takes the plan to a spiritual level of satanic purpose. They then who orchestrate such a plan would be driven and influenced by satan. This says no social program or political maneuver can achieve a solution to racism, because it is a manufactured farce.

What masquerade as such is simply the machinations of men, furthering the scheme already hatched. Color is not about or by black people, black people are their own solution. It is only spiritual insight that gives this revelation, to deviate from the truth of spiritual things, is what supports the lie. That is why all the other lies about new age, environmental exaggerations, humanist doctrine, deistic thought and practices, globalism and new world order and the immoral perverted behavior that has engulfed the standards of what is right and God’s righteousness is an attack on Him.

To the degree, the world is willing to redefine what is “normal and natural,” that we all understand to be upright, is defying our intellect and assign ignorance as a standard. The words “health, wholeness, and holiness” all have the same root, an expression of daring to be whole, could never exclude holiness! Three lines are necessary to form a plane figure and are necessary to form a solid. God’s attributes are in three, Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscience completing the whole. And why humanity emerged as “three” as in the three sons of Noah repopulating the earth.

Three stands for solid, real, substantial, complete and entire, where we get the word “integrity from, thereby denoting, “Divine Perfection.” Which is why the human family came forth in three sons, representing “Prophet, Priest and King,” all three are in the person of Christ as “One.” Please notice, there is no alternative life or “lifestyle,” and the only way there can be is, WITHOUT OR OUTSIDE OF GOD. This is why deviation from what is right and a creation of a “new norm” must be force upon society to accept, because it is ultimately, steering away from God!