Why Is Identity The Founding Fault Of Black People?

According to noted psychologist Alvin Pouissant and sociologist Orlando Patterson, along with Carter G. Woodson, states that the main problem black people struggle with is identity. Worse than that, is expecting or looking to European explanation of what that is, which seems to be tainted by the same school of thought that set in motion the justification for the inferiority complex. This juxtapose against the predominant hypothesis of superiority of white people. Regardless of whether it is the hard or soft-lining liberal thinkers the same adulterated vitiation pollutes the opinions. As Carter Woodson has argued, it is the greatest adversary of blacks, to free themselves from European dependency cast as intellectualism.

History has taught how that so-called scholarship prostituted itself to cloak intellectualism in xenophobic bigoted philosophy. Therefore to try and discover identity in this climate is next to impossible. But identity comes from fathers, they carry the Y chromosomes or DNA of sameness of essential character. It is the very thing that makes Christ different from any other so-called messiah, messenger or Saviour. For He had no earthly or human father, but was fathered by the Holy Ghost upon a virgin, which qualified His blood as a sacrifice for our sins.

It was customary in bible to speak of an individual as, “the son of” or in other words was known by and identified by the father. This process creates a very difficult problem in the black community today, with fathers missing to the tune of over 75%. If he also is the founder of family and the one with whom covenant was made, how does a family claim all the promises of God under any lawful decree, when he is absence. In addition, the direction, protection and instructions which should come from him and is expected biblically to intercede for the family does not happen, then a great deal is left to be desired.

However, it is greater than that, because it is this same germ emanating from the progenitor, the founder Ham that has infected the whole black race. This is the founding fault, where also identity was to spring, it is varying religious belief systems that prevent many from arriving at this conclusion. Ham in violating and disrespecting his father Noah, he violated God, because Noah was a representation of God or what He was instituting as His relationship to man in the earth. This was never recaptured, yet Ham’s distinctive character was still operative, but became a channel through which satan would function imitating the person of God.

Often because of having lifted scientific understanding above biblical authority, expecting the often corrupt, bastardized field of sociology to bring about a sense of wholeness. This same field has not exhausted every effort to restore the founder of family, nor could it, because he is the quintessential element or target of racism. If as statistics seems to point out, the black race is targeted for elimination, at the very least replacement, then it is paramount the founder, father, the male be eliminated or at the very least become indistinct, present and not there.