Is an amazing omission, because the emphatic teaching of the word of God is, a blessing comes out of an inheritance, not an inheritance out of a blessing. Yet, this is the cry of the church world, we come seeking what we describe as blessings. It causes pulpits to construe almost every message in that portrait, naturally it gives the idea that’s what church is there for. However, it is not according to biblical order, what we call blessings were given in the process of carrying out a particular purpose God was out to accomplish. If that required the miraculous, that is where God step in, today, whether we are about the purpose or not we are claiming and expect these “blessings.” As a result, there are major deficiencies we can’t explain and gives the appearance God has failed us or simply doesn’t care. If this was understood, it would not be a blessing people seek first, but an inheritance out of which a blessing comes. It is the inheritance proceeding from a covenant, that blessings attend in order to bring about purpose.

What has been termed a blessing are the positive, encouraging things that took place en-route to purpose, it is not the primary thing sought. Black people have not understood their specific, distinct and separate appointment which comes from their covenant, that gave rights to an inheritance. The inheritance was lost in being generalized as the inheritance of all Christians through Christ, since that was presented in the representation of all bible and its characters as white. It left no specificity as to black or Hamitic people, which in essence meant, black people only had what white people appointed them or how they portrayed them. This systematically and stereotypically authorized and implicated God as being culpable to the subterfuge inflicted upon black people. It is the orphan spirit proceeding from an orphan heart, that has left black people with no sense of belonging, that has created the recklessness, abandonment and irresponsible behavior that we refused to allow anybody to address. But there is an inheritance that speaks to our immeasurable worth and part of a formula the world can’t live without.