Looking for Trouble

There were two brothers, opposites as one would often find them. One who was the ideal son, never in any trouble, one parents could be proud of. One who was rather mischievous, often having to be chastised whether at school or home. The high-spirited youngster was late coming home one night and the father sent the well-mannered brother out looking for him. He searched everywhere looking for his brother and couldn’t find him anywhere. He knew his father would be very angry if he came home without his younger brother. It was not long before the police pulled up and said its late, time for you to be at home. He said “I can’t go home yet,” the officer replied you had better get off these streets. Sir, I can’t go home right now.

Did you hear what I said, go home now! But I can’t. Why, asked the officer? Because, I am looking for trouble. That answer would get him and his brother in trouble, especially a black kid. Mischievous or not, black men are classified as “trouble,” this is something white people find difficult to believe, mostly because many are of the opinion black men are innately criminal. If they are not doing something now, eventually they will, a life of crime and irresponsibility is what most think of blacks. We all know the story; black women just want to have babies for some unemployed male, waiting on welfare with three other children by different males.

Notice I hesitated to say “men” or even “fathers,” because too often it is true, but that is not a true picture of black people. In the 40’s and 50’s only 18% of black children grew up in a single parent family, today it is almost 80%, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s started a terrible transmogrification that was well beyond social transformation. This grotesque evolution also included a Civil Rights Movement, a Black Power Movement, a Black Pride Movement, a women rights movement and the inauguration of black mega church. Yet, none of it was able to stem the tide of a downward spiraling toward destruction. It definitely makes a favorable argument difficult, but not impossible. It certainly makes the case for first some reconditioning and reconstruction, but this makes it clear it is something black people need do, no one else. We often make the case that white people don’t need to do it, black people should and that is correct. But the reason white people were left doing it, because it required money and that many times meant corporations or the government. Black people weren’t going to spend the money and time it took to get it done, we were too busy finding fault and complaining about each other, which is a Hamitic trait. If Hamitic genus disrespected God, what is it for us to disrespect each other, it is bloodline.

When Ham disrespected Noah his father, he disrespected God whom Noah represented in the earth as God’s portrayal. God wanted to represent Himself in the earth as “Father,” not just an impersonal, insouciant, detached “God” which didn’t happen until Christ came as Son. Ham as the prophetic would have been able to see through eons of time and portray this message had he esteem his father as he should. God didn’t have to curse Ham, the impertinence was already in his DNA, the insolent effrontery in his spirit was without shame and carried throughout his bloodline.

God simply turned him over to the fruit of his own way and be filled with his own devises (Prov.1:31), the lack of family congruity was demonstrated toward his father, God allowed the results of that spirit to transport itself. Whereas, he would have otherwise been able to see throughout the Messiah’s reign unto to end, only a return to original intent could possibly change his bloodline, which was original order. So we were left with our natural tendency to be religious, but until the return to God, the life blood was gone leaving only rituals, ceremony and form. Not having experienced the original intended order, there was no way, without revelation, to know or distinguish the difference.

As a result we were able to be a part of anything else and still be religious in nature and somewhat detached from the heart of God. We complained about white people too, but it didn’t mean nothing, because they had the power, one way or another to shut us up and we did. This left the government pretty much in charge of the statistics, social communication and of course the resources to do something if anything about the problem. Which left black people pretty much parroting the same thing white people said or what we thought they wanted us to say, if we were to share in the resources or jobs.

So much of the stagnation in terms of solutions was our own fault, because we didn’t want the responsibility. We could use the bible as a shield and say we are doing a great work through our churches and I am sure this is true. But David, for biblical example, fought for the whole nation of Israel, even while he was in exile and 21 attempts on his life and the nation of Israel, even his own tribe of Judah was against him. Anybody out to help David was an outcast and subject to death, one whole town of priest suffered that fate. David concern was for the nation, because he knew God’s purpose (covenant) was in them as a whole (nation), therefore he would be blest.

*Art featured by Jonathon Romain



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