The Mission

If a man hasn’t found something worth dying for he isn’t fit a live. The real breakthroughs in life must carry this kind of creed where fear and apprehension don’t control every effort. It is with this faith we embrace the new challenges that often referred to as missions. However mission is not how we reference our efforts at restoration in Africa, we prefer the reality of our intent is renovation, reconditioning and reconstruction. If a vision seems capable, manageable and then it is possible the vision is too small and most likely didn’t come from God. We entered Africa originally in 1985 as missions, bringing financial aid, preaching the word of God, sharing customs and visitations. However in the 27 years and over 30 trips and over 300,000 miles, covenant purpose has yet to be done.

Until we change the conditions that cause the hunger, homelessness, unemployment, disease and education, the cancer has not been exorcise. Nothing could obscure the real issue like meeting these needs, which is a good thing, but does not go to cause. That is why saying these things seem so out of place and unappreciative, when in actuality that is not the case. Renovation, reconditioning and reconstruction, therefore means God’s original intent, making it more His “mission.” We have churches in every township in the Transvaal, with additional churches in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, over one hundred and forty churches. I refuse to call them missionary works, as if they are an appendage, an accessory, something simply attached to the principal or greater thing. It is that kind of thinking blacks must rid themselves of, no one would look at another family who was away as an appendage.

Until our thinking has been reconditioned, it is difficult to rejuvenate or resuscitate anyone else. Black people didn’t coin the phrase “missions” so its origin becomes very clear, but it is we who must change it. Not by fiery denunciation and emotional preaching, but dangerous ideas of substantive change. An idea that is not dangerous, is not worthy of being called an idea at all and if God spoke it, the whole nature of it will be dangerous, but guaranteed victory and success. While we are grateful for all the efforts to date, the sacrifice and hard work of many countless individuals, too numerous to mention and most likely don’t want it, because it was their love for which they did it.

We must at this juncture, given what end time prophecy reveal, step up our engagement, acting as one family and one people, not an appendage and refuse any manipulation to divide us. For it is in that intent the provisions of God rest to accomplish the impossible, but it has to start with us, if it is about us. If we are not a dependent people in need of overseers, we should realize our responsibility. The whole deficit in truly overcoming has been the acceptance of responsibility and not cleverly skewed manipulative advertisement. Once a year we made trips to South Africa, spending two weeks ministering in churches, schools, auditoriums, tents and wherever we were needed. Now we are moving to the level of participation in the process and lending our expertise and partnering with Africa on business, economic, educational involvement coupled with our spiritual experiences. Therefore we take this opportunity to invite you join us not only in membership of Lifeline, but accompanying us on one of our many trips and perhaps find your business interest.

As founder and pastor of New Hope International Ministry for 40 years, I found the experience very rewarding, I will never be able to express to God my gratitude for counting me worthy to participate and I invite you to share in this one of a kind experience. Your gift offering makes it possible for us to provide housing, food, medical attention and clothes for orphans. Babies who were sometimes drop off or children right off the streets with no place to go or anyone to care for them. You will be assisting in finding homes for children who need adopting or foster care.

Some of these children parents died of Aids and often at the age of 10 or 12 years of age being the sole provider for the family. The one thing that always seem very important to them is attending church, their belief that one day God will rescue them is all some of them will ever have. That means God speaking to your heart to support with your financial assisting and someday accompany us on a trip and meet them personally and see what your gift has been able to do. For your monthly support we will send you updates on our improvement and how the children are progressing.

Unfortunately, some of them have died arriving too late for any help or having contracted diseases we simply can’t care for. With the right assistance we are lobbying for a greater position to be pro-active in our involvement. Allow the Lord to speak to your heart as to what degree you can participate. As we proceed with this message of covenant, inheritance and Hamitic purpose, we are expecting God to unite this message in the harmony of scripture with what is God’s original intent for Hamitic people. To assume our position in world affairs and the prophetic voice God has given to black people the world over. On behalf of all those who are counting on us and our promise to never leave them alone, we thank you and may God bless you and yours.


Your Servant,

Bishop Harold Dawson, Sr.