Precious Stones


Atheist Robert G. Ingersoll once said, “A man who finds a truth lights a torch.” Considering Jesus is The Truth, a truth is just a gem among precious stones and even a man who did not believe in God can see that. There are many precious truths that are hidden unearthed only by revelation knowledge, which may be concealed until time calls for its awareness or unveiling. Sometimes a certain course can obscure what may have been or should have been plainly obvious. Over time that course can make tenebrous or indistinct something that would have been otherwise noticeable. Therefore what may be called a revelation is not so much a revelation as it is awareness, because certain conditions may have made over time the situation indistinguishable, faint or dim.

However, if it is truth, truth crushed to earth…. will rise again and again, because truth has resurrection in it. Even nihilistic views will concede this position, for God has willed the whole universe must yield to the time He has called forth and since it came out of His mouth, it must come to pass. Since we are picking up the torch that lay fallow a whole generation, everything left or lost, in or because of that neglect, oversight or sin is part of the recovery and restoration. Because the torch was dropped, many things grew dim in that ensuing darkness, until after a while the little light left was thought to be normal and accepted as the standard.

In fact, it was the only path some even chose to walk and defended its right to exist as a natural course. Women believing there are no men is such a thing, in some cases rather than rejoice at the possibility there may be light, some are defending an unfounded proverb as the standard. I don’t think it is a fact they don’t want to believe, but rather it is the light they are afraid to start believing again. Because what is not being acknowledged and going unsaid is the “silent faith” which is, that they have really given up in their heart of hearts and the awful truth they really believe is that they will never be married. The sad thing about it all is many of them are saved Christian women in the church that love God and God loves them. This dispirited and sometimes depressing state of affairs defies all that bible tells us to believe and this conflict contributes to befouling the whole definition of the “Pillar of Truth,” (1 Tim.3:15 the church), the House of God. What so many people call “hypocrisy” in the church, in so many instances stem from this unconscious conflicting complex and is often the cause of a lack of performance or faithfulness.

Because at the root of all this is “Points of Offense” with God, the feeling that I really don’t believe some things about God and there is a question concerning His integrity, but afraid to say so. This is not ordinary unbelief, it is not incredulity an unwillingness to believe, it is caught in the throes of knowing He is God, He exist, His word is true and Truth, but “I HAVE SOME UNREADINESS.” In as much as I might want to avoid this tour of duty, it is unavoidable, it is “collateral damage” women that became victims strewn about like the results of war or a storm.

Women black men left behind, uncovered, un-covenant, uncomforted, but it is they who make up an overwhelming majority of the church. They therefore are the definition and portrait of the “PILLAR OF TRUTH” but the points of offense, also marks the spot of “POINTS OF DEPARTURE.” If the church is the Pillar Of Truth and women make up the majority of what is church, and there is a majority cry among them, a pain most believe that cannot be healed, Houston, we have a big problem!

It defies all that is God, the basis upon which He stands and the basis upon which satan opposes Him, because it is God’s word satan has introduced into court as evidence against Him exhibit (A) that God lied. The men women are looking for are in the same realm that shall cause black men to be resurrected, it is in the same family of expression that shall cause them to live. The reason this sphere is so important is because it is the same domain through which God shall accomplish His purpose. It must be remembered this is the reason satan chose this sphere of expression, because it is akin to the very nature of God through the Holy Spirit. It is this realm of possibilities that supersedes the natural in every respect and is superior to it. If the lack of men seem an impossibility and something that cannot and shall never be remedied, it is only the realm of the supernatural that this is made possible. Since what God sets out to accomplish is in the spirit realm first, the prophetic is by nature become the channel of transmission.

Black men being available is in keeping with His law of restoration, in other words by surrendering to His will and His holiness, the impossible becomes possible. The men are hidden among the stuff of the covenant and are in the covenant. In black men picking up the torch, they discover a “truth” that lights the way where darkness did rule. Why would God leave these women behind when they have been the backbone of the church, “The Pillar Of Truth.” If it was not for black women we wouldn’t have a black church and what is at the root of many men complaint about the church, is not doctrine, money, bible or God, it is all those women listen to “One Man.”

They misconstrue the women’s purpose in being there and as a “carnal man” can only see from his vantage point “his competition,” whom he feel he cannot compete with that bible in his hand. Many men feel if you weren’t in that church, you might have a man, but you don’t go to church to find a man, you go to church to find God. Rahab the harlot in Josh.6:17 was preserved because “she by faith believed in the truth of God and perished not with them that believed not,” (Heb.11:31).

*Art featured by Jonathon Romain



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