PURPOSE: (prophetic)

The prophetic gifting is the third appointment in the three branches of the embryonic human family at its birth. It is third of the Priest (Shem), Japheth (King) and Ham (Prophet), it describes the nature and function in the history of the people of Israel. It also describes the make-up of Jesus Christ in His function and purpose in the earth, which include and represents all the peoples of the earth for which He died and rose. The prophetic in Ham is the only one of three branches of the human family that has not reached its potential or fulfillment. It was for this hour that God has saved and chose to reveal this gift, for it was always at the time of terminal crisis that the prophet appeared.

It is this last day, end time anguish that summons the gift of the prophet in calling people back to God. It was the appearance of the prophet when all else failed that he made his appearance with a direct, uninfluenced message from God. It is for this reason that the suffering of black people has been as long and the nature of it in preparation of divine purpose. However, it also connects with the ancient violation of divine order and the expiation which has been its cathartic valu

The greatest discovery ever made, is discovery of purpose, it explains why we’re here, which comes from an appointment leading to an assignment. Without understanding purpose anything is subject to abuse and neglect. Without understanding covenant and inheritance it is easy to wander aimlessly without passion, direction or goal. A lack of self-worth germinates in this climate, it easily penetrates any façade and unveils the superficiality of what is not build on a solid foundation. Ownership, aspiration and self-determination have always escaped black men, but what is divinely appointed can’t be interrupted by any force. Arriving at purpose through covenant and inheritance, is not only clear why you are here, but how to avoid the pit falls and acquires supernatural assistance in accomplishing purpose. Because it is not something you choose, but that which you were appointed before your birth.

It is the divine assistance from covenant base that brings the revelation that every earthly effort tried to obscured. If God didn’t have a divine purpose for black men, the struggle wouldn’t have been so intense. This work address these questions and much more. It was the prophetic that identified Christ and the evidence of His authenticity. This office herald the harbingers that often pull Israel from the brinks of disaster and judgment. This office was appointed to Hamitic people and specifically through Cush, however it was at this juncture the lineage yielded to the occult.

These are the revelations that rest in black men, after a surrendering to God, his trials are to prevent its exposure and every means of destroying it, including assimilation which was meant to convolute and indistinct his person. It gave the appearance that even God acquiesce and was of the same opinion as the rest of the world. But now a revelation that has been incubating in the crucible of intense suffering has reached its delivery, as such, divine supernatural assistance will bring it forth. So when generation after generation couldn’t destroy the black man or his gifting, satan has produced his master plan.

The conspirators said concerning the prophet Daniel, “we shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except we find it against him concerning the law of his God,” (Dan.6:5). The conspiracy against the black man, is concerning the law of his God, make him offense in the law of his God. Make him lose the favor of his God, because he is key to deliverance of the nation and the fidelity of the word of God. But if take lightly and trivialize the word of God, the word of His favor will be removed from him.