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The restoration of the father, is the beginning of the repair of family, for without him there is no family. The reclaiming of the children that have been lost in this fray, seems to have all the dynamics of a conspiracy, however that need not become the focus. At this important moment, as we write our own history, nothing is more important than the plan and purpose delivered to the prophetic. The rescue of the widow and the lone mother in their struggles must become central to the scheme of things. The black plight is too often mixed with other populations and causes, in the process, black concerns are always left in the distant, without even a definition. The rescue of black children should become the foremost interest of every father and his brother, not the state. The well-fare of that family is his concern and his alone! Without the repair of the family, black people are not ready to resume the Civil Rights Movement, especially as it is under attack by homosexual activist. It is a formidable strategy to dilute the black family and virtually assume its identity as a Civil Right Movement, with the blessings of Civil Rights leaders. At the same time demean the church and the person of Christ, who was given credit the for all the decades of successful endeavors, guidance and strength. Nothing could be more effective than to use the same group of so-called “leaders” to humiliate and contaminate the inherent nature of the movement. Perhaps, not aware of having initiated black people into an infiltration of Christianity, whose violation and enmity has its roots in antiquity. This is most devastating because the continuation of the Civil Rights Movement is spiritual.

If that has been compromised, then the whole life-force has been effectively eliminated. Moreover, if that (the spiritual) is the specificity of Hamitic or black people, then their appointment and assignment has been surreptitiously eradicated. What no other force has been able to accomplish throughout its existence, we’re giving God grounds to allow our enemies to eliminate us. In bible Israel was only vulnerable to conquest when they voluntarily or unwittingly violated the laws of God. It is the last bastion of our defense and hope, to bastardize a reflection of the righteousness of Christ, then trivialize it with unintelligent absolution, is unconscionable and defies all reasoning.

It was Henry Kissinger who is said to have given president Nixon in a 1974 memorandum on National Security concerning population control in the United States. “To control the black population, openly advocate homosexuality, in the socialization process, control black elitist Negro leaders.” Attorney Alton Maddox once said, “there are no Negro leaders, just Negro brokers.” If the real target is God, why is there such strong emphasis placed on the elimination of black people. Too numerous to mention are the concentrated attacks on black people which all black people are very aware of.

But in the more important spiritual realm is where the question needs to be asked and where the answer lies. Throughout scripture it is the prophetic realm, where God would announce the sins of the nation, the penalty and how it was to be corrected. It was the prophetic characteristic in the principal chosen to lead back to righteousness, this was in keeping with right order or the precepts of God, which were consistent throughout the bible. It was the prophets Israel called upon when the nation could by no other means obtain answers.

They were not psychics, alchemist or occultist, they never used magic, soothe-saying, necromancy or any connection of familiar spirits or Satanism. The office and gift correspond to the inherent nature and biological temperament. The natural instinctual sensitivity was beyond scientific psycho-social explanation. Alain Locke spoke of the Negro’s emotional inheritance as “a deep-seated, aesthetic endowment, an off shoot of the African soul.” The very capacity to feel profoundly, is black, something that whites who have been emotionally repressed in the plasticity of a rationalistic and technological order, increasingly lack.”

Black, Hamitic people have been able to feel it, but couldn’t place in divine order, it is locked in the third person character of the “prophetic.” We have allowed the academic world of sociology and historians in their critical obloquies to cast a condemning analysis of these same qualities as laughable or nature’s mistakes, because they couldn’t explain it. Because it was meant to be used by God alone as “prophetic order,” our problem was we missed the holiness it called for. So we couldn’t be completely healed, because “health, wholeness and holiness” have the same root, “righteousness.” Therefore all the strands of a lifeline rope must be instituted in order to be salvific, not just social equality.

Since it is God and His Son Jesus, The Messiah, that is the real target and object of this ridicule and criticism, it makes sense to understand what His intent is and our purpose in that intent. Especially if it means the restoration of black men and our families in the course thereof, because for certain we have no other means or allies. It is our astounding faith in God and our ability to believe in the miraculous that we are being tempted to change or at the very least soil. George Barna who has written over 30 books, and is used by the Christian world for Christian statistics, who George Gallup of the Gallup poll called the greatest he knew. Said black people were the most conservative in their Christian views, read more bible, attend more church, give more money and watch more Christian television than the other major ethnic groups.

It is their bibles the human secularist want or at the very least change first their belief and then their faith in it. Politicians take an oath of office with their hands on the bible, if it is of no use, why swear by it? The constitution was taken from the pages of its precepts and they swore by it to uphold the constitution of the United States. For God said, “When I could swear by no greater, I swore by Myself in saying, Surely in blessings I will bless thee, to Abraham, (Heb. 6:13). Then said, “Men swear by the greater,” (Heb. 6:16). Including in His word, “Greater than My name is My word.” There is nothing on this earth to swear by or live by greater than His word! This is why black people can’t afford to cave on the holiness of God and agree with perversion.

The strength of this revolution is in the mouths of black men, to preserve a movement of our pass, while picking up the torch of this movement and save black men! Lifeline The Movement, continues this odyssey and incomparable legacy while restoring what was historically stolen from us, by soliciting the help of the power of God, through embracing His intent and purpose for this time. There is no other solution on this planet, there bears this composition and can boast the support of scriptures by divine and according to right order. Lifeline challenges black people to the exclusive support of their own, breaking the dependency barrier which was always evidence of an inferior nature. If God is who we say He is, then compliance with biblical demands, according to right order, then we should see His assistance. If not, then our fight it is futility anyway and we can submit to the assimilation process, who many think is the only way, anyway, which does not require the help of God, just mastering the craft of deceit. Other than that, sign up today and join the efforts to change a legacy, change a people, while we still have one!