What about the Children?

The bible mentions a sign in the greatest revival to ever take place would be the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children. Which seems to signal that a turning away from the Lord, would be the abandonment of the fathers to the heart of the children as well. Biblical history seems to indicate this in many instances, involving even the sacrifice of children. It also seems indicate just a rescue of the children is not an effectual turning or revival, an efficient turning would mean starting at the root of the cause. Luke 1:17 says in John the Baptist ministry bringing this about would bring great joy and rejoicing of the people.

Therefore a significant aspect of winning men and their restoration would be a concern about the children, what about the children? Black children have suffered a tremendous amount of pain and misery, statistics haven’t come close to describing their predicament. In addition, society has mercilessly attached depiction that does not portray the course of their affliction or cause. Many times getting caught in political debates or use to the benefit of social affiliations to justify their cause. Then at the end result define the whole course as part of a disease, characteristic to their race of people. Regardless of how inconsiderate social statisticians may have been in their assessment, the responsibility still rest upon the fathers.

The rescue of these children is not the problem of the state or any other social agency or benevolent organization. It is undoubtedly the fathers responsibility, whether they are financial capable or not, neither should it be entangled in any legal or philosophical argument. One of the challenges therefore that lie before the restoration of black men should include the rescue of children biological or otherwise. Biblically speaking, it was the responsibility of the brother or the family to rescue abandoned children. There is no way to defend the character of a people, if they neglect the welfare of the children. I therefore contend, it is the fathers who should at any cost rescue the children and put the welfare of the children before their own, even if they must die in the process. The integrity of a man is demonstrated in his ability to take care of his family and his strength is measured by his wisdom in mastering every situation that confronts them. The moral standard by which he teach them, measures the firm texture of his principles and endurance. It is by these precepts we define the measure of a man, who honors and walks humbly before God. Because in the mirror, before a child sees his own reflection, he sees the image of his father.

There is no greater honor than to know he pleased God and his children. Lifeline places the assistance and directive of every man in recapturing what may have been lost with his children. Rekindling the fires that error may have created. Responsible to every child he may have fathered, providing the support necessary to all that God purposed in that child’s life. Healing every wound suffered by being categorized under a label he didn’t create. But we will not indulge in excuses, of which we all know, our interested is in what we missed as part of our assignment and appointment. If as scripture says, the neglect of either one of these can lead to servitude and bondage, it is the recapturing of original purpose within those confines that become paramount. Because among those issues fell the loss of our children, the ravage of our homes and the devastation of our communities.

We watch in near silence as the children were marched out of the homes as vassals of a feudal war and the spoils thereof, in the name of “ for their own protection.” Not realizing this also redefined blacks a people, because this was as suggested,” not only they can’t take care of their own children, but neither do they care”. No other race of children were removed on the basis or to the degree that black children were by the state and local authorities, who were a product caught in the throes of a people marked for elimination. What proved how thorough the plan was working, was of course the depredation of the children. Therefore it was the sign God looked for in judging to what degree a people had neglect obedience to the word of God (Job 29:15-17, Job 31:16-22). If God was going to judge the status of a people by the state of the children to determine His outcome or judgment, then the political and social manipulation was not a consideration. In other words, the family was expected to stay together, an infringement upon the strength of this security was the ultimate violation. The charge of its security, protection and provision was given to the fathers, it was even his responsibility to lead the family to God in worship and submission.


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