The Founder

Bishop Harold Dawson has served as pastor and founder of New Hope International Ministries since 1970. He and his wife, Valerie, reside in Alpharetta, Georgia. He has four adult children (married) and nine grandchildren. Bishop Dawson carries a message of compassion, power and reconciliation to a lost and dying world.

Bishop Dawson’ ministry includes a 25-year television and a radio ministry through the Voice of Deliverance. Thousands of testimonial have been reported as this anointed ministry changes lives.

For more than 20 years, Bishop Dawson served on the board of One Church-One Child for the state of Illinois. He served four terms as vice president, three terms as president, and now has emeritus status as one of the charter members. As a board member, he has successfully networked with churches throughout the country to facilitate the adoption of African-American infants.

In 1996, Bishop Dawson became the founding president of Lifeline Family Services, a licened child welfare agency which facilitates foster parenting and adoption. Though Lifeline Family Services, many children have received the love, nurture, and care so greatly needed.

As chairman and one of the founders of the Peoria Christian Leadership Conference (PCLC), he has coordinated many programs which directly deal with the solutions to the crises affecting our communities. As chair, he lead the way in establishing regularly scheduled meetings with gang members to address the problem of violence among our youth. Furthermore, Bishop Dawson has been instrumental in leading the PCLC in confronting the issue of racism within the Greater Peoria area. Bishop Dawson also served as the Chairman of the Religious Affairs for the NAACP.


Bishop Dawson served as founding member and chair of the African American Leadership Association, a diverse group of black business professionals, clergy, and community leaders in the Peoria, Illinois area.

His global interests have taken his ministry far and wide. Bishop Dawson serves on the Board of Trustees of the International Third World Leaders Association with Dr. Myles Munroe of Nassau, Bahamas, where he serves with leaders from 73 nations around the world.