Vision 2000


In honor of my fathers, I will not only recapture this generation, perceived as lost by some, but saved my own and leave directions and a legacy for generations to come, by the grace of God.




VISION 2000 (V2K)


Vision 2000 addresses the whole millennium until Jesus returns, because a covenant and inheritance is forever, not only time but throughout eternity. It is with that in mind that the ground work is laid…. not just for my generation, but that we train our sons to continue and be better than us. We train our sons to cover and protect our women, to keep his brothers family. We see through the lens of millennia for that is how God will speak to us, when it is not for us we seek. The cry of our children, the pain of our women, and imprisonment of our men is the desolation of a people with no covenant direction from God.

The semiotics which is the theory of signs and symbols that deals with their function in language, would suggest something is seriously wrong from a spiritual point of view, not social pathology. Social pathology simply describes the condition, it doesn’t necessarily give a cure as part of its analysis, certainly nothing that black people can put their trust. In the continuum of an inheritance (Hamitic) and a legacy, the combination of both should give a complete picture of what the path for black people should look like. In biblical language Israel’s entire history was laid out from its inception to the end of time, even how a changing world would affect Israel. It is in fact inferred by bible that the evolution of the nations of the world is in their direct relationship to Israel. The prophets reveal this path and how it leads to Armageddon as well as how that plays a role in Christ Second Advent. If bible is the guideline and the pattern for living as well as the appointed place for all humanity and not just Israel, it holds the key to uncovering the covenant inheritance for the whole human family. However, it has become quite clear that it is black people who must map out that route as it relates to them. Any other entity is too influence by world history to give an independent view of what that appointment and assignment is.

Black people struggle at becoming an integral part of this nation, even before becoming whole as a people. We as a people is under some serious threat and it warrants taking a very close and perhaps different look at the road to recovery. The distribution of the “Promise Land” given by God to Israel, was designated on the basis of the strength and numbers of each tribe. It was not equally distributed, Caleb for instance, was given on the basis of a promise made to him for his faithfulness before the 40 year journey. If America is in a slow turning away from God and the bible was the “foundation of its original establishment” then another rule of order will dictate the participation and involvement of any other vested group of people.

If black people are witnessing a unprecedented disintegration of their families, the substantive whole or physical material of what constitutes a people is decomposing while a new order is being instituted. Black people could undergo a reclassification, under new laws and constitution that has nothing to do with bible or reverence for it. In as much as Israel disobeyed God and fell into idolatry, it was the law of God that was their compass as their way back. These values are where our identity, inheritance and pathway lie, given the severity of the situation with black America, the cohesiveness of our families must come first.



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